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Liste Publikationen IEA PVPS Task 9
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Pico Solar PV Systems for Remote Homes
A new generation of small PV systems for lighting and

Report no12 35 S
1.5 MB
Policy Recommendations to Improve the Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Systems
Based on the Experience with Conventional and Photovoltaic Pumping Systems
Report no11 28 S
885 KB
Ten years of Task 9 Report no10 12 S
9.1 MB
Renewable Energy Services for Developing Countries
In support of the Millennium Development Goals: Recommended Practice & Key Lessons

Report no9 35 S
1.3 MB
Sources of Financing for PV-Based Rural Electrification in Developing Countries
Report no8 47 S
1 MB
16 Case Studies on the Deployment of Photovoltaic Technologies in Developing Countries Report no7 115 S
1.5 MB
Institutional Framework and Financial Instruments for PV Deployment in Developing Countries
Report no6 46 S
1 MB
PV for Rural Electrification in Developing Countries– Programme Design, Planning and Implementation Report no5 36 S
991 KB
The Role of Quality Management, Hardware Certification and Accredited Training in PV Programmes in Developing Countries Report no4 31 S
932 KB
PV for Rural Electrification in Developing Countries - A Guide to Capacity Building Requirements Report no3 35 S
386 KB
Summary of Models for the Implementation of Photovoltaic Solar Home Systems in Developing Countries Part 1: Summary Report no2a 38 S
554 KB
Financing Mechanisms for Solar Home Systems in Developing Countries Report no1 104 S
1.2 MB