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The Swiss photovoltaics programme is one of the ongoing programmes of Swiss Energy Research. It includes activities involving research, development, and the realization of photovoltaics in its different components. Various participants are tied into this programme in activities ranging from fundamental research to market activities.

The underlying objectives of the photovoltaics programme are recorded in the energy research concept 2013 - 2016 of the Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE). The individual objectives of the programme and the implementation are described in detail in the Photovoltaic Concept 2008 - 2011. The programme is divided into different sections.
The programme coordination is done by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in cooperation with various federal, cantonal, and communal public offices. Implementation takes place in Swiss universities, the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, universities for applied science, as well as in engineering and industrial enterprises and the energy market.
Project promotion takes place through the various federal, cantonal and communal offices, depending on the area of responsibility. The activities of the photovoltaic programme are described in regularly appearing annual reports. Important publications on the national and international scene are specially included. A project list allows an overview of ongoing as well as completed projects. Detailed project descriptions provide information on concerting project contents, the people implementing them, results, and other available information. Various auxiliary means have been developed for the realization of photovoltaic installations.
An important aspect of the photovoltaic programme is international cooperation, which takes place in various organizations worldwide.